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If you are a textile artist, you might appreciate these tips for getting dynamic images of your work.  This is crucial if you want to sell, submit for a show or otherwise share your work with strong visuals.

How to photograph textile art – also offers articles on a variety of other useful information – everything from choosing a camera for shooting artwork to finding an audience for your work or making submissions for a show or contest.


Colour challenge 1

Recently, I have had a number of discussions with different quilters about their difficulties choosing colours for their projects.  This seems to be a recurring source of confusion for many.  People have a number of ways to avoid the frustration including using the same colours as a pattern, buying fabric in collections or pre-cuts or recruiting friends or fabric store staff to help.  In fact, they may not even think about colour unless it is time to assemble materials for a specific project, either from new fabric or from an existing stash. Continue reading Colour challenge 1

Design possiblities

Some months ago, I participated in a quilting retreat.  One of the projects was a quilt with 12 star patterns using a variety of patterns with a common plain colour center.  When I was laying out the blocks to play with colours, I decided to turn half of the star blocks into squares.  I completed all the blocks but didn’t get around to assembling the quilt so it has been on my unfinished projects list for a while.  Earlier in the spring, I decided to put it together so I started playing with layouts and came up with more than a dozen combinations. Continue reading Design possiblities