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Work in Progress and Scrappy How-To

Today’s post is written by Mary Elizabeth O’Toole

This summer, I designed a Japanese-inspired quilt as a wedding gift for a good friend.  I chose a focal fabric with a large floral print (peonies – one of her favs) in the pinks and purples that I know she likes.  For the center panel, I selected several Japanese embroidery designs from www.em
and stitched them in colours that matched the chosen border fabric. Continue reading Work in Progress and Scrappy How-To

Working in Series

Today’s post written by Mary Elizabeth O’Toole

Have you ever finished an art project and realized that you would like to investigate a different angle, use another colour combination or apply new techniques?

All of these reflections are good reasons to create a series  – a group of pieces based around one or more common elements. Continue reading Working in Series

Memory Quilts

My to quilt list includes several new designs for memory quilts.  I  have some collected materials that I have to prepare for those projects, including a pile of men’s shirts and a bag of ties.   I had a few clothing items of Dad’s, some gathered from thrift shops, and some given me by a friend who thought that I could put them to good use. Continue reading Memory Quilts

Drawing challenged

I am a writer, a list maker, a planner.   I am most definitely NOT a person who can draw much of anything that would be recognizable without a label.  Not entirely true, I guess because I can manage things like fruit or line drawings of fish or simplified animals.  However, I have never been able to realistic replicate anything that anyone would recognize.  I would provide an example but you wouldn’t be able to tell what it was and, frankly, it is too embarrassing. Continue reading Drawing challenged

Month of learning

I’m excited!  I just learned about the Craftsy October All Access Pass.   It is the first time that I have seen something like this on ths site.  For a limited time, you can buy a one month pass to any of Craftsy’s 800+ classes.  It looks until you have until October 6th to register so pop on over to take advantage.  It don’t know if there are a limited number of passes available so you’ll want to pop on over quickly to take advantage.   Until the end of October, you will have full access to all classes, including being able to ask questions of the instructor on their interactive platform. Continue reading Month of learning

Machine embroidery monograms

Late last year, I finally broke down and bought a new sewing machine.   After much research and deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a fairly high end machine.  After some research and debate, I ended up buying an embroidery machine.  I have enjoyed making some embroidery projects and gifts and love the detail in some of the designs.  However, I really haven’t been making full use of the features and changing that is one of my creative goals for 2015. Continue reading Machine embroidery monograms