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Why I love woodworking

I am not sure why I am always drawn to wood craft and wood furniture but there is an undeniable draw.   On a philosophical level, maybe it has something to do with a connection to the earth and nature.   On a more basic level, there is the tactical attraction: I love the smell of cut wood, the the feel of a planed surface, the look of the grain patterns, the aesthetic of contrasting woods – and so much more. Continue reading Why I love woodworking

Refinishing and reclaiming

One of our goals for Chez Craft is to refinish abandoned or neglected furniture, structures or materials to return it to its original use – or find new uses.  It seems like we are always accumulating items that could use a little TLC.  Or sometimes, it works the other way and we see an idea then track down materials.  We’ll be sharing some of these projects here, describing progress, process, challenges and tips. Continue reading Refinishing and reclaiming