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Happy Canada Day!!

Hello friends:

It has been awhile.

We’ve been busy creating and have been posting regularly on Facebook but have been away from blogging here for some time. We’re planning to get back to it with more of our work and that of others for inspiration. We’ll also offer some philosophical discussions, resources and challenges. All the usual stuff. We hope you will join us.


We’re starting this new blog effort by wishing you a very special


Canada Day 2020 is not a typical Canada Day for sure. There are no big musical celebrations or firework spectacles. Social distancing guidelines still limit gatherings in most places and many are unable to travel to be with family.

We are still planning some Canada Day traditions – wearing our red and white, hanging our flag in the window, going for a paddle on the lake, BBQing hamburgers and wienies for supper, and finishing the meal with a rootbeer float, and smores (in tin foil on the grill instead of marshmallows roasted over the fire – Nova Scotia is still under a COVID no burn order).

New  Adventures

We are also planning some time in the woodshop and studio. Watch for our new products, including some Eastern Shore themed items for an exciting new collaboration. More soon.

Enjoy your Canada Day. It might be a unique celebration this year but it can still be very special.

Up here, in Canada

Here is a small diversion  – a catchy tune that highlights a few of the traits and entertainments that make Canada unique and, well, Canada.

The Art of Learning, Part II

This post is written by Stephen Parsons.

In my last post, I described my learning style and I promised to blog my progress as I explore a new technique through a new artistic production. The idea is to reflect on my learning process to see how it evolves and how it impacts development of my skills as an artisan.

The artistic vision, you might recall, is of a manta ray swimming majestically – maybe along a reef or sandy seabed. But the image is more impressionistic than realistic, Continue reading The Art of Learning, Part II

Quilting for charity

This week I finished a couple of quick quilt tops for donation.  I used jelly roll strips that I had from a guild fabric exchange and tried the jelly roll challenge quilt.  It is quick and easy to make to make so a perfect choice for a last minute gift or a donation.  I made mine out of a varied scrap strips but you could just as easily use a theme or collection for a theme. Continue reading Quilting for charity

October Blog Challenge

It is a new month, a new quarter – and time for a new blog challenge.  I am going to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, a challenge to add a new post for every day of the month.  It is a great way to get in the habit of writing here every day.  It also means joining a network of others also trying to build their blogs and increase their reach so there is a support network.  And, part of the challenge is visiting the blogs of others to add comments or share ideas.  Should be fun so I’m diving in and invite you to join me.  It is not too late.  Pop over and register and you will get daily writing tips and encouragement.

Of course, that suggests that I can find writing inspiration every day, which is the biggest challenge of all.  I’m open to suggestions so go ahead and comment or drop me an email if you have some quilting,  woodworking, or design topic suggestions or questions.


Machine embroidery monograms

Late last year, I finally broke down and bought a new sewing machine.   After much research and deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a fairly high end machine.  After some research and debate, I ended up buying an embroidery machine.  I have enjoyed making some embroidery projects and gifts and love the detail in some of the designs.  However, I really haven’t been making full use of the features and changing that is one of my creative goals for 2015. Continue reading Machine embroidery monograms

Develop quilting skills with an online community

If one of your goals is to improve quilting skills, you should consider a Block of the Month (BOM) or Quilt Along (QA) program.  Typically, these programs focus on a particular style (ex. modern) or type of technique (ex. free motion).  Some of the options are mystery projects revealed little by little; others offer the pattern from the beginning.  It seems that in recent years the number of BOM and QA has grown by leaps and bounds and there are many many choices online, usually free or low cost. Continue reading Develop quilting skills with an online community