If one of your goals is to improve quilting skills, you should consider a Block of the Month (BOM) or Quilt Along (QA) program.  Typically, these programs focus on a particular style (ex. modern) or type of technique (ex. free motion).  Some of the options are mystery projects revealed little by little; others offer the pattern from the beginning.  It seems that in recent years the number of BOM and QA has grown by leaps and bounds and there are many many choices online, usually free or low cost.

Often, there is an option to buy kits but it is rare that you do not also have the choice to use your own fabrics and supplies.   When you do purchase the kit, it might come all at once when you enroll or it might arrive in a package for each month.

Whatever your interest or skill level, there is sure to be a community that meets your needs.  It is fun to see how different members interpret the project.  Even when people are using the same basic kit, many people find a way to tweak the setting or approach to make their own unique touch.

This year I’ve decided to give a BOM a try.  I have joined the  Craftsy 2015 BOM with Jinny Beyer.  I even caved and bought the kit.  This is only the second time that I have purchased a kit for a quilt because I usually prefer to select my own fabric but I have always loved Jinny Beyer colors.


In addition to falling in love with the pattern and its vibrant colors, I want to get back to more hand quilted projects and I know there will be lots of tips for that in this project.  I received my kit last week so now I just have to sort and label and I’ll be ready to go.  The fabric is gorgeous and it worked out to be a pretty good deal since I bought it on sale and took advantage of a shipping sale.

It is not too late to join one of the myriad of options being offered this year.   Here are some to consider. This is just small sample so if nothing here captures your interest, try a Pinterest search for more ideas and give a BOM or QA a try in 2015.

Happy Quilting!