This has been a busy week with most of my creating art time spent working on several birthday and Christmas gifts (pictures later but don’t want to spoil the surprise for recipients).

Last weekend, however, I had a chance to take a really fun workshop AND get in a drive to the beautiful Annapolis Valley.  The workshop was Making Faces taught by the talented Susan Tilsley Manley.  I had a chance to take her Rusty Things Workshop in 2014 and had a blast learning lots of new things.  So, when I heard there was a last minute availability in this one, I jumped at the chance to join the fun.

The workshop was hosted by the Town and Country Quilters Guild based in Port William, Nova Scotia.  It was a lovely bunch of ladies and a positive environment.  Unfortunately, didn’t get too talk to them too much about anything other than our projects as we were all very focused on the detailed work to make our faces.

We learned how to turn photos into patterns and patterns into recognizable faces and everybody’s work was impressive.  It was so much fun to see the faces take shape.  Susan has done this course many times and advised us that we would at some point be discouraged by working so closely on the small pieces but told us to take heart and step away and get some perspective. I am not sure we all believed her but, probably not surprisingly, she was completely right!   What a thrill it was to watch as she as part way through the second day and took each of our works-in-progress and showed everyone the results from across the room.  Each of our approximately 8 x 10 pictures was clearly recognizable.

Preparing the picture for developing a pattern

Several of the steps towards developing a pattern to reproduce a picture in fabric.

Susan gave us clear guidelines about choosing a face for a first attempt. I chose one of Dad that fit the criteria. During the session, most of us made good progress in selecting and cutting fabric and getting the basic face in place. Several people got to the stitching; I didn’t get to that part yet but am just about ready to do that. The stitching is used to add texture and to soften the line between tones and colours so it makes a big difference to finishing the project.


My work-in-progress at the end of the 2-day workshop.

It is not there – yet (right, Susan) but quite happy with the progress over the weekend. Now the stitching and finishing, which I plan to do next week. And then I’m going to start another within the week to apply the techniques and reinforce the learning. Thanks to Susan Tilsley Manley and the ladies of Town and Country Quilters for a great session.

On the way home both days, I took the opportunity to have a walk and take a few pictures along the way. I couldn’t resist sharing at least one autumn image.

Pumpkins and a corn maze near Wolfville, NS

Pumpkins and a corn maze near Wolfville, NS