Finished is better than perfect

We have had another gap in our blog posting.  That is partly because we have been crazy busy with business and reorganizing our living and work space.  As a result, we have made progress in those areas but  haven’t had much time for playing with our art so, when we have had some time, we have been in the shop or studio making something or on the computer creating.

The absence of new posts is also partly a result of both of us having a tendency to seek a ‘perfect’ topic or inspirational idea or unique slant.  And then, the moment has passed.  We’re doing much better with that in our woodworking and fabric art but haven’t quite translated it to keeping current on our blog posting.

Today, I’m keeping it short, making it quick.   I’m again making the case for imperfection.

I have spent the better part of the morning installing and, of course, exploring Adobe Creative Cloud components and updates.  It has been inspiring and lots of fun but also rather a distraction from some other stuff that I have to get done.  It isn’t strictly procrastination but admittedly on the verge.   I am moving on to other things now.  Really.   But not before sharing this appropriate quote in an image card that I just made in minutes on Adobe Spark. Well, the actual work just took minutes. The fun of discovery took me off on a few adventures first.

Have no fear of perfection, you'll never make it

Get out to explore, discover and create.  Enjoy the process.  What will you achieve if you make your own case for imperfection today.

We’ll be back soon with more posts.   They won’t be perfcet.