In the interest of reducing my list of UFOs (unfinished projects) it is time to take out a side table project that I started in the spring.  It has been put aside due to lack of workshop room but time to get it out and do some more work to get this off the list.

I picked up this table on the side of the street.  It doesn’t have a door or a back harp so I will need to replace those or find an alternative.

I decided to try milk paint for this one because people seem to really like the results.  I have always been partial to the look of wood so typically I use stain / oil rather than paint.  This will be a new approach for me.   I am debating combining paint sides with wood grain on the top and trims but I will decide after I finish the stripping phase.


The wood grain is lovely so I think I will want to keep some of it unpainted.  I will probably fix the back and door before getting to the staining.

Today, mixing up the milk paint.  I bought mine at Lee Valley but there are many quality brands.  Mix according to the directions on the package.  A mason jar is a great way to mix because you can cover securely for shaking or keeping for storage between coats.  Nice to paint.

I started with the drawer and interior of the table. Unfortunately, no good picture of the interior of the drawer so you will have to trust me that it was full of marks and scrapes.  This is the results after one coat.  I’m not sold yet but we’ll see how it looks tomorrow after it has dried.  I like the colour.  The side is in progress so more of that soon.

Have you refinished furniture with milk paint or chalk paint?  Share your tips.