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Working in Series

Today’s post written by Mary Elizabeth O’Toole

Have you ever finished an art project and realized that you would like to investigate a different angle, use another colour combination or apply new techniques?

All of these reflections are good reasons to create a series  – a group of pieces based around one or more common elements. Continue reading Working in Series

The Joy of Jigs: Part I

Today’s post is written by Stephen Parsons.

Getting back to woodworking after a long absence has resulted in a lot of satisfaction, many new challenges, and lots of learning. In fact I would say that the greatest satisfaction comes when I learn something new as the result of being challenged to produce something complex or difficult.  This is never more clear or the result more satisfying than when I have had to design and build a “jig” – a helper tool that complements other standard machines and tools in my workshop. Continue reading The Joy of Jigs: Part I

Fun from woodgears.ca

Matthias Wandel is a favourite resource for us. His website, WoodGears.ca and his YouTube channel are fun and full of clever ideas. Stephen discovered Matthias some time ago and turned me on to him so now we are both regular viewers. Every week he posts new articles and videos to share some very creative work.   Stephen has made wooden jigs using woodgear.ca patterns and is going to write a post soon on the very cool box joint jig he made. Continue reading Fun from woodgears.ca

Bags bags bags

Practical and Fun

In the last couple of years, I have been making a number of bags.  I started with simple tote bags for gifts, then moved to a variety of lined drawstring bags. Last Christmas, I desSantaBagigned a Santa sack pattern then made more than a dozen for family members.  Here’s one ready for Christmas morning last week.    It is 12.5″ x 8″, a good size for stocking stuffer goodies. Continue reading Bags bags bags