I started this blog with big intentions to post everyday and then read some advice that might be unrealistic and I should start more slowly and ramp-up to daily over time, if at all.  I fell into the mire of over-thinking and over planning and, after falling behind in posting, over-analysing how to get back on track.   Should I scrap this blog and start fresh with a new, clean slate?  Give up on the project and move to other things?  Go backwards and try to create additional posts to fill up for lost gaps? Set a schedule of regular posts to move forward with great leaps?

In the end, I decided none of those was the solution and decided on a combination of things.  Here is my revised plan.

  • Renew and repurpose this blog.   Rather than giving up on the project or starting with something new, I have decided that it makes sense to give this shell a new focus and a fresh new look, especially since it hasn’t really had a chance to blossom.  Besides, that is one of our goals with this fledgling business so it is only fitting to take the same approach with the blog.
  • Forget the gaps.  Think of this as a new beginning but one with a solid, albeit small and incomplete, foundation.  That way, there is a chance to use what has been done and grow on that basic format.
  • Create a structure but not a schedule.  I intend to post regularly but not with the expectation or pressure of promising daily content.  Instead, I will aim, at least initially, for 2-3 days a week but also for  occasional challenges for daily posts (a target of 3 times a year).
  • Develop interactivity and incorporate accountability.  To date, I haven’t been promoting this blog opting instead to first build some content and then decide to invite people to visit.  On reflection, I realize that is not the direction I want to take.  I want to develop an interaction and exchange, a place to share resources and ideas.  That requires a dialogue, which is not possible without an audience.  I will start to seek opportunities for cross-posting and spreading the word.

So that is it.  My new view.  My new plan.  Feel free to join me in a blog repurpose of your own.  And if you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Stay tuned next time when I’ll give you an idea of what we have been up to for the past few months.  It has been a busy winter and spring.