Some months ago, I participated in a quilting retreat.  One of the projects was a quilt with 12 star patterns using a variety of patterns with a common plain colour center.  When I was laying out the blocks to play with colours, I decided to turn half of the star blocks into squares.  I completed all the blocks but didn’t get around to assembling the quilt so it has been on my unfinished projects list for a while.  Earlier in the spring, I decided to put it together so I started playing with layouts and came up with more than a dozen combinations.

Here are just a few of the layout options created with the same blocks. (Not having a large enough design wall, I used the floor as a testing ground so the displays are not ideal.)

The range of options with this simple collection of blocks serves as a reminder that I have to be open to unexpected formats when working on design.  Have you had experiences with a design turning out dramatically different than you originally planned?  What did you plan and how did your plan change?  Please share stories – and pictures – in the comments.

Oh, are you curious about which option I chose?  You’ll have to wait to see.  I am in the process of quilting it but quilting inspectors have other plans.