Lately it seems social media is full of new projects for using old pallets.  Where are people getting all these pallets?   It would be great fun to try to recreate some of the many inspiring projects that I keep seeing but I have yet to find a source for pallets that are local, accessible AND reasonably priced (needless to say, free would be even better).  Of course, the current lack of pallets doesn’t stop me from bookmarking, pinning and posting all sorts of ideas to put in the ‘try someday’ files.   If you also like this type of project, you need look no further than 1001 Pallets to start or grow your own inspiration file.  This site offers plenty of ideas, grouped by project type as well as tutorials to help you start playing with pallets yourself.

Pallets are one way to reuse or upcycle materials but there are lots of other options.  I love furniture that incorporates reclaimed wood from old buildings or furniture, or panels and components from other pieces.

How have you reused or reinterpreted materials?  Share your projects or inspirations in the comments section.