It is a new month, a new quarter – and time for a new blog challenge.  I am going to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge, a challenge to add a new post for every day of the month.  It is a great way to get in the habit of writing here every day.  It also means joining a network of others also trying to build their blogs and increase their reach so there is a support network.  And, part of the challenge is visiting the blogs of others to add comments or share ideas.  Should be fun so I’m diving in and invite you to join me.  It is not too late.  Pop over and register and you will get daily writing tips and encouragement.

Of course, that suggests that I can find writing inspiration every day, which is the biggest challenge of all.  I’m open to suggestions so go ahead and comment or drop me an email if you have some quilting,  woodworking, or design topic suggestions or questions.