We spent most of the day in the workshop today because we are getting ready to participate with a new Eastern Shore destination, Eastern Shores Gallery. It’s opening next week in Head of Jeddore. Watch for more about this development at the beginning of next week. We have decided to focus on wood products and sets for this first drop.

Our main focus today was preparing our display for the new site. Stephen worked on completing a number of UnFinished Objects (UFOs).

Sanding the table   Before shot

I worked on our display starting with a table in the refinishing stash. As you will know from Stephen’s recent post, our shop is in need of a major reorg. One of the main motivations for this is to reclaim a space for refinishing projects, most of which I have gathered from the side of the road. In the past few months, it seems there has been neither time nor space to proceed with any of this work so multiple pieces are languishing in an outdoor shed space. This table is one that I have been wanting to begin; it has a beautiful grain and I think it has some real potential. However, given our timeline and requirements, today it is not for a redo but a quicker effort to get it presentable and useable as a display space for the gallery.

I was determined to make it a relatively quick project today.  Here are the steps for this transformation:

  • Stickers and paint drips from the surface
  • Flatten (roughly) with jack plane
  • Sand with orbital sander (80 – 220 grit)
  • Apply 3 coats of finish using old t-shirt.  V. light sanding between applications.

Note more planing and/or finer sanding will be done at the finishing stage, after removal of these coats of stain

Watch for photos of the display in action when we have set up in our temporary location.