This post was written by Mary Elizabeth O’Toole

The phrase take a hike has taken on an idiomatic sense of dismissal “Beat it. I’m tired of talking to you. Go away. Take a hike.”

I am using it in the more traditional sense of taking a walk, getting out and exploring.  Sometimes it is just necessary to get away from what you are doing to shake off the stiffness and clear the cobwebs. Taking a hike is good for both physical and mental fitness.   It burns calories, gets the heart going, gives you energy, frees your mind, and in my experience quite often provides a chance to solve a problem or break a creative block.  If nothing else it gives a new perspective.

A hike of this sort does not have to involve a trek.  Walk around the room, around the house, around the neighbourhood – or suit up and go farther afield on a trail.  Choose your own pace.  Walk quickly or take it slow with frequent breaks.

Make it solo or social.

Walk alone …Walk alone

… walk  with family …

… or walk with friends (of the two- or the four-legged variety).

Walk anywhere you like.  Near or far.

Walk on a city street…

… on the beach …

… or in the woods.

Walk any time of the day.  Early evening is one of my favourites!

walk at any time of the day

Get up and get moving.  It’s good for you and I can almost guarantee you will feel better if you do.  I know I do.  So, I hope you won’t take it the wrong way when I say TAKE A HIKE.

All photos taken by Mary Elizabeth O’Toole.  Rights reserved. ©2014-2017