I’ve talked before about my experiments with acrylic paint but today I’m talking about an entirely different thing.  Stephen has been wanting to try making something with heavy duty plexiglass sheets and he recently found a project: a sewing machine extension table for me.

I need more space to work on projects at my sewing machine but can’t really get a new sewing machine table right now (that might be a good future project if someone is looking for a real challenge — hint hint).  I mentioned that I was planning to make a simple wooden space but Stephen offered to make one instead so he could try the acrylic.   It required a couple of new tools but he was willing to make the sacrifice because, well, we all know you can never have enough power tools.

He had a few challenges with drilling and attaching the legs.   He also decided against his original plan for acrylic legs.  I don’t think he’ll be in any hurry to make another project with this material but, as always, he did a great job and I’m happy for the extra work area.

Next project for the sewing room: a thread box that can be portable or fixed and has a way to keep bobbins with the matching spools.  What custom items have you designed or made for your studio workspace?