Am I crazy to feel good about recovering unsold stock?

Our friends at Eastern Shores Gallery are moving shop in 2022! While they get organized and set up, they have decided to return all inventory to the various artists they represent, to save them the effort of packing and moving all that inventory and, I suspect, as an opportunity to clear any inventory errors and related commission accounts. So this week we received a box containing all of our unsold stock at the gallery, and I am pleased 1) that the returned stock is so small in volume (meaning there is a great deal of our consignment already sold by the gallery) and 2) that I get a chance to be together with my creations again.

I don’t know why I should be so happy to have this inventory back in my hands. After all, the whole intent of consigning this work to a gallery is to share it and make some money in the process. Moreover I now need to find some room to store it until I can either return it to them or sell it myself through our web store or in a show/ market.

selection of crafts

Unsold stock

But I can’t help but feeling this box of unsold stock is like the return of the prodigal child – that which has been sent out to explore the world and now back in the loving arms of its creator. It got me to thinking about some of the renaissance artists who either regretfully sold their work at horribly discounted values to survive, or others who so coveted their own creations, they would horde them and not allow them to be shared (many pieces of art were not shared and appreciated publicly for decades and even centuries beyond the passing of the artist).

So for a while at least, I will appreciate anew these pieces, some of which left home months or years ago. I know I can, in time, let them out into the world again…and perhaps they will return later, or I will be rewarded monetarily for my creations. But, I wonder how many other artists are out there that feel a sense of loss and separation when they hand their prodigy to a client or vendor and more to the point, may feel a sense of welcome and joy when those creations return to them, even though commercially unfulfilled?

Well, hey – this is good for you, too! If you have an interest in any of these items, I will have them available in our webstore at a significantly reduced rate, since I will not have to charge the commission fees of the gallery for these items for the next month or so. Great time for you to acquire some products that are either not usually  available on the webstore or only available at higher prices in the gallery. Guess I am not THAT attached to the prodigal products. 🙂