One of our goals for Chez Craft is to refinish abandoned or neglected furniture, structures or materials to return it to its original use – or find new uses.  It seems like we are always accumulating items that could use a little TLC.  Or sometimes, it works the other way and we see an idea then track down materials.  We’ll be sharing some of these projects here, describing progress, process, challenges and tips.

Some of the things on my current project list include:

  • A dining room chair that is missing the covered seat
  • Several chairs missing the back harp
  • A library desk with broken and missing slats
  • A singer sewing machine table with damaged drawers and stand

That is just a few of the items I have collected and had in storage until we could begin to clear our workshop.  In fact, it had gotten to the point where I have been asked to please not bring home any more chairs until I am able to finish some that are now in the queue.  That is incentive enough to get moving because I don’t want to miss any interesting finds.  Now that we have our workshop in order again, I’m eager to take on some of these challenges.

I’m always looking online for inspiration and Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find new projects ideas.  I did a search on Reclaimation and Restoration and found hundreds of ideas.   Give it a try – but be warned.  It is addictive.

Stay tuned for some of our upcoming projects.