As any crafter knows, every project helps you add to your stash of scraps.  When I am quilting, I will keep pretty small scraps because you can make use of some pretty tiny bits on art quilts.  I have them on shelves sorted by colours with strips and larger pieces in bins and smaller pieces in mason jars.  That way, I can see the colour – and it is so attractive it can be part of the décor too  thus serving an added function.

In case you are curious, some of the jars have colour-matched lids because those were left over from covers I made for preserves I was giving as gifts — I haven’t yet gone so far as to make covers just for jars on my shelves but really should do that.

2015-10-13_scraps_catbed (3)


But, to get back to my point, there are some scraps that are too small to save. Like when I am taking apart ties like in my recent blog post on Memory Quilts.  Also, there are practice pieces, especially small quilt sandwiches for practising Free Motion or trying new decorative stitches. I had been piling those up until I saw a great idea somewhere to collect those for a pet bed.  I think that I first saw it with Jenny Doan at the Missouri Star Quilt Company. She is such fun.  Here is that resource – there are plenty more available on the topic.

As it happens, I need to make some replacement cat beds so I have been collecting scraps in a pillow form next to my cutting table.

2015-10-13_scraps_catbed (5)

It took awhile to get enough scraps but finally got around to finishing and it is cute. This picture doesn’t do it justice — doesn’t even look that full. The best part is I know everything in there is washable and it will be easy to fluff up and reshape. Hopefully, the cats will like it. I will have to get back to you on that and try to get a picture of one of them on it.

In the meantime, please leave comments with other pet-related scrap projects.