SketchUp – From Concept to Cut List

Today’s post is written by Stephen Parsons.

If you have ever developed your own design for an artisan craft project, you have probably started out with a simple pencil/pen and paper concept drawing. You might further develop the design using ruled or graph paper to lay out accurate dimensions and perhaps generating a couple of different views (e.g. top, side, and maybe a perspective view). I still start out with a rough sketch, but as soon as the idea is pretty well established, my next drawings are developed using my new favorite design tool – SketchUp – a 3d modelling software from Trimble.
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Machine embroidery monograms

Late last year, I finally broke down and bought a new sewing machine.   After much research and deliberation, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a fairly high end machine.  After some research and debate, I ended up buying an embroidery machine.  I have enjoyed making some embroidery projects and gifts and love the detail in some of the designs.  However, I really haven’t been making full use of the features and changing that is one of my creative goals for 2015. Continue reading Machine embroidery monograms

If you are a textile artist, you might appreciate these tips for getting dynamic images of your work.  This is crucial if you want to sell, submit for a show or otherwise share your work with strong visuals.

How to photograph textile art – also offers articles on a variety of other useful information – everything from choosing a camera for shooting artwork to finding an audience for your work or making submissions for a show or contest.


Colour challenge 1

Recently, I have had a number of discussions with different quilters about their difficulties choosing colours for their projects.  This seems to be a recurring source of confusion for many.  People have a number of ways to avoid the frustration including using the same colours as a pattern, buying fabric in collections or pre-cuts or recruiting friends or fabric store staff to help.  In fact, they may not even think about colour unless it is time to assemble materials for a specific project, either from new fabric or from an existing stash. Continue reading Colour challenge 1

Design possiblities

Some months ago, I participated in a quilting retreat.  One of the projects was a quilt with 12 star patterns using a variety of patterns with a common plain colour center.  When I was laying out the blocks to play with colours, I decided to turn half of the star blocks into squares.  I completed all the blocks but didn’t get around to assembling the quilt so it has been on my unfinished projects list for a while.  Earlier in the spring, I decided to put it together so I started playing with layouts and came up with more than a dozen combinations. Continue reading Design possiblities