Develop quilting skills with an online community

If one of your goals is to improve quilting skills, you should consider a Block of the Month (BOM) or Quilt Along (QA) program.  Typically, these programs focus on a particular style (ex. modern) or type of technique (ex. free motion).  Some of the options are mystery projects revealed little by little; others offer the pattern from the beginning.  It seems that in recent years the number of BOM and QA has grown by leaps and bounds and there are many many choices online, usually free or low cost. Continue reading Develop quilting skills with an online community

Refinishing and reclaiming

One of our goals for Chez Craft is to refinish abandoned or neglected furniture, structures or materials to return it to its original use – or find new uses.  It seems like we are always accumulating items that could use a little TLC.  Or sometimes, it works the other way and we see an idea then track down materials.  We’ll be sharing some of these projects here, describing progress, process, challenges and tips. Continue reading Refinishing and reclaiming

Bags bags bags

Practical and Fun

In the last couple of years, I have been making a number of bags.  I started with simple tote bags for gifts, then moved to a variety of lined drawstring bags. Last Christmas, I desSantaBagigned a Santa sack pattern then made more than a dozen for family members.  Here’s one ready for Christmas morning last week.    It is 12.5″ x 8″, a good size for stocking stuffer goodies. Continue reading Bags bags bags

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