Not feeling inspired?

Now that fall has officially arrived, time to reflect on the summer.  The past few months have not been as productive as hoped.  This has many causes – low energy, limited inspiration and the usual glut of distractions.  Whatever the reason, my output was not as high as hoped and my organizational efforts have failed to create an acceptable level of results. Continue reading Not feeling inspired?

Hacking Becksvoort

Today’s post is written by Stephen Parsons.

In the August edition of Fine Woodworking Christian Becksvoort presented an article on making a traditional Shaker laptop writing desk. His version uses dovetail joinery and features a small drawer at the side of the cabinet to house a tiny inkwell.

In spite of my propensity to blog from time to time, I don’t consider myself much of a writer, but as an erstwhile (or maybe lapsed) artist I thought this might make an interesting kind of laptop desk for a painter. Our recent trip to Italy (and especially our time on the trains) made me realize how useful such a product might be to the travelling artist. Here is my version of the laptop desk. Continue reading Hacking Becksvoort