The Joy of Jigs, Part II

This article is written by Stephen Parsons.

In part I of this series I explained why jigs are so important to me as a woodworker. In this article I’d like to introduce you to  my favourite jig, and if you’ve been paying attention to any of my recent posts, you’ll probably be able to guess that it is my box joint jig. It is by far the most complex piece of work I have done- not only in home-built tools but in any construction. Continue reading The Joy of Jigs, Part II

Scraps for pets

As any crafter knows, every project helps you add to your stash of scraps.  When I am quilting, I will keep pretty small scraps because you can make use of some pretty tiny bits on art quilts.  I have them on shelves sorted by colours with strips and larger pieces in bins and smaller pieces in mason jars.  That way, I can see the colour – and it is so attractive it can be part of the décor too  thus serving an added function. Continue reading Scraps for pets

Memory Quilts

My to quilt list includes several new designs for memory quilts.  I  have some collected materials that I have to prepare for those projects, including a pile of men’s shirts and a bag of ties.   I had a few clothing items of Dad’s, some gathered from thrift shops, and some given me by a friend who thought that I could put them to good use. Continue reading Memory Quilts

The Joy of Jigs: Part I

Today’s post is written by Stephen Parsons.

Getting back to woodworking after a long absence has resulted in a lot of satisfaction, many new challenges, and lots of learning. In fact I would say that the greatest satisfaction comes when I learn something new as the result of being challenged to produce something complex or difficult.  This is never more clear or the result more satisfying than when I have had to design and build a “jig” – a helper tool that complements other standard machines and tools in my workshop. Continue reading The Joy of Jigs: Part I