Matthias Wandel is a favourite resource for us. His website, and his YouTube channel are fun and full of clever ideas. Stephen discovered Matthias some time ago and turned me on to him so now we are both regular viewers. Every week he posts new articles and videos to share some very creative work.   Stephen has made wooden jigs using patterns and is going to write a post soon on the very cool box joint jig he made.

If you are interested in wood – or just innovative design – is definitely worth a visit.  Here is a recent video about a Baby Rocking Machine that made me smile. As you will see, it didn’t turn out quite as intended.

In another recent video, Cool junk in my dad’s shop, he shares projects that he made when he was younger. I especially like the mousetrap and the forklift. Clearly, he has not given up on his baby rocking machine as he is inspired with a modification.

What are your favourite YouTube posters?  Share your go-to resource(s) for creative inspiration in the comments.